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Michael Hart


"An evening with Michael and Spencer (Capier) is like a psalmfest with David
and Asaph, just back from battle and brimful of God's glory. I
found myself replenished by Michael's dulcet melodies, wooed by
Spencer's enchantments with strings and harmonies, and in the end both
stilled and awakened by their expert weaving of song and psalm and story.
What is especially good - and all too rare, I think - is that one of
the cords they weave is prayer. We used to talk in the church about
'concerts of prayer':with Michael, that phrase comes freshly
alive, and both the music and the prayer are richer for it."

Mark Buchanan
Lecturer @ University of Ambrose,
Author of "The Holy Wild" and "The Rest of God"
Mark Buchanan

"After a week of discussions, prayers and long meetings,
Food for the Hungry International delegates came together
to worship God with Michael and his worship team, on July 28th, 2006.
The songs that Michael picked were insightful
and totally summed up the reason for our organization
to be doing what we were - reaching out to the poor,
not only to help feed them physically, but more importantly, spiritually.
We all, collectively, again renewed our need for intimacy with our Father
and cried out to him through our songs and prayers that evening
so we could continue to do the work He has put before us.
We came together as one body, His children.
The evening was uplifting and a wonderful conclusion for our
Vancouver Conference. Thank you!

Claire Reimer
Canadian Food For The Hungry,
Langley, BC. Canadian Food For The Hungry

"Thank you so much for Sunday!!! Where do I begin? I and everyone I have talked to were so blessed and thankful for your leadership on Sunday. Personally, it was a chance for me to see such godly authority in a worship team setting that was unparalleled in any previous team experience. Everyone was given freedom and input, but you were clearly in charge and reigned people in gently when necessary.
Rex (Chequer)has often talked about worship music in our church needing to go to the next level. I've often wondered if that just meant "better, more skilled/dynamic music". Well, now I have experienced what he meant by "the next level". Skilled/dynamic music was certainly an element, but, I strongly sensed the Holy Spirit giving Life and Power to our musical worship as a whole. Thank you for so skillfully leading us into a knowledge and experience of the presence of God this last Sunday.
It was such an honour to sing with you Michael and to meet your lovely wife Jan. What a wonderful partner she is to you. I pray God will continue to bless and enlarge His ministry through you and Jan."

Karla Eldred, Former Director of Worship Ministries
Lynn Valley Full Gospel, North Van. Lynn Valley Full Gospel

"Michael Hart has served our congregation on a number of occasions
with his remarkable musical giftedness and his tender Jesus spirit.
I am awed both by Michael's voice, the music within him easily shared,
and the voice of the Spirit speaking so clearly through him, touching us,
calling us, comforting us. Unassuming & always gently deflecting attention
away from his own person, Michael confidently serves a magnificent God.
I am always buoyed by MIchael's ministry."

Dr. Danny Unrau
Lead Pastor
Fraserview MB Church
Richmond. BC. Fraserview Mennonite Brethren

PRAISE AND WORSHIP Photo of Michael Hart

Michael has solid experience in leadership for worship teams. He led the worship team for five years at  St. John's Shaughnessy.  His worship style can be summarized as a blended approach that merges upbeat contemporary songs to reflective hymns, & psalms  (Eph:19-20).  He says that "the role of the artist/worship team is to bring a fresh perspective to a dynamic historical theme, so that the people's hearts can be re-energized for well-being & service". 


Presently Michael works for Coquitlam Alliance. But he has been hired by several denominations to give training on praise and worship so that church bands become more focused and prepared for worship He also teaches workshops in songwriting.

  • Tenth Avenue Alliance, Vancouver
  • Granville Chapel, Vancouver
  • New Life Community Baptist, Duncan
  • Church Of God, Richmond


    Between 1987-1993 Michael played for sixteen Billy Graham Evangelistic Associate Crusades. Billy Graham Evangelistic Association " Some of the most effective outreaches I've been part of have been on a grass-roots level, organized by Canadian groups/churches. The arts have a very valuable role to play in this process."


    IN 2013 Michael went to Cambodia with HOPE International Development Agency.   He had the chance to see first hand deep impact of water wells providing fresh water and the stark diffference for those without clean water.  He has raised funds for HOPE via concerts and speaking  performing over 50 benefit concerts.

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